Thursday, June 17, 2010

Electric and Plans

I think we've decided to go ahead and set up electric service on the land, connecting it to the Shabin. The idea of going completely off-grid is really ideal but we have babies to care for and can't rely on not having enough power to run tools and other vital building implements. We still have the generator which is a great thing to have. Chances are, when we go up on the 4th of July weekend, there won't be power. Besides, just because we're connected to the grid, doesn't mean we have to use it.

The electric co-op that services our area requires fees of almost $400 to set up the meter and run a line. If they have to set up poles I'm not sure if they charge for that or not. I don't think they will as the power line runs right on the road we're on. The set-up cost is definately something that we'll feel out of pocket.

There is also a note on the set-up worksheet that says they won't go out until we've applied with the Building and Zoning Department, though they didn't mention that when I spoke with them and told them we didn't have anything on the books yet and had no clear time-frame of having it set up in the main house.

If that is the case, there is another at least $420* due to submit our plans and that's after we've had it signed off on my electricians, plumbers and architects and those fees incurred with that. And actually finalized the floor plan we want to go with, of course.

So, progress has been made in the field of information but so far, that's all.

*$424 is the estimate submission fees for 1900 heated sq. ft with no porch, attached garage or other.