Angora Rabbit Breeding Information

Angora Rabbits are a wonderful breed for those in the fiber arts community, 4H, showing, and those looking for a snuggly companion. But Angora's have a unique care regimine from other rabbits.

At HeartSong Farms we follow certain standards we have set for ourselves when breeding and selling our rabbits. Their care can be time consuming. If not treated properly the rabbit can suffer. Because of this we provide education for first time owners in the form of workshops that are held in correspondance with kits available for purchase. You do not have to buy a rabbit to attend the workshop. We want to make sure that adding a rabbit to your home or farm is an enriching experience for both you and the animal.

Because of this HeartSong Farms will never sell to supply feed or pet stores.
We will never sell our animals in livestock auctions.
We will never breed rabbits for seasonal sales such as Easter or Christmas.

Our breeding rabbits are chosen for fiber quality and abundance, not necessarily pedigree. We look for certain characterists in both the male and female that would promote positive wool texture and color as well as a good personality and health.

We are a closed rabbitry meaning that our bucks are not available for stud services so we can ensure the health of our herd.

Currently, we have two Angora Rabbits in our breeding program.

Flora -our first time mother is a pointed French/English mix with ruby eyes. She is currently nursing four kits.

Here is Flora with a few of her kits.

Duncan is our breeding buck. He too is a pointed French/English Angora with ruby eyes.

Here he is in his winter coat.

Both of these rabbits have displayed excellent fiber quality in the minimal mats and low maintenance they require. The kits born to Flora and Duncan should also carry these traits. We have been very pleased with both their growth and health. None of our rabbits have been on or needed antibiotics. They are not fed growth hormones. To date, we have not had any issues with fleas or mites. If we develop any issues in the future, we plan to treat them as hollistically and naturally as possible.

There will only be a limited number of litters from Ducan and Flora. We choose to limit breeding as to not saturate the market with unwanted rabbits and to give our mothers a break. Having birthed five human kids myself, we feel a lifetime of constant breeding is no life at all. She will kindle another litter this year and then we will let her rest.

If you are intersted in seeing what kits are available for sale or attending an upcoming workshop please visit our page Kit Sales and Workshops.