Kit Sales and Workshops

Angora ownership can be very satisfying, if you know what you need to do. If you are interested in buying a kit (baby rabbit) from HeartSong Farms and have never owned an Angora rabbit before, we require you come to a 1-2 hour workshop at our farm to be educated in the unique care requirements of this wonderful breed before taking home your baby to love.

We also sell to other rabbitries. They and current Angora owners do not need to attend a workshop to purchase a rabbit.

In the Nest Box
Updated March 8, 2011
Currently, we have no baby rabbits for sale. We do have a 1+ year Pedigreed solid white English buck available for sale. He is intact, ready for breeding, we're asking $65 for him.

This is a photo of the last litter of Flora and Duncan. We will be rebreeding soon.


***HeartSong Farms Rabbitry does not have a guarantee once the rabbit has left the premises of our farm. We do not guarantee the health or longevity of any of our sold rabbits. We will do our best to accurately represent our animals at the time of sale and will be happy to answer any questions you have about the rabbit you purchase we are not responsible for any injuries, health issues, etc. to the rabbit once you have taken possession. It is your responsibility to ask any questions you may have before buying. Pet and wool bunnies do not come with a pedigree and are priced accordingly. Breeding stock and show quality animals are priced according to their quality and come with pedigree. Many factors are beyond our control so we do not guarantee anything about the production or winning capacity of the rabbit, as there are many variables that go into a breeding and showing. We will accept any rabbit back without a refund at any time if you find rabbit ownership is not something you wish to continue, sometimes it is difficult to know how you will enjoy rabbit owning before it comes to your home.The placement and care of the rabbits is important in our rabbitry.***