Monday, October 12, 2009

Our land has grown...upward.

Since our visit out last February it seems the weeds, wildflowers and brush have run rampant! Some are taller than me and as far as I can tell, there isn't a bare patch to be found without at least calf high grass. Lots of wonderful things happen when things are left to nature; there were some beautiful plants, a plethora of butterflies, grasshoppers and crickets, the sound of lively birds chirping. Also, many not as great things, like the six foot bushes, especially when hoping to build.

So, now the next on our to-do list has become cleaning off the land. As picturesque as it is now, there's just no way to build without some extensive cleaning up. I've posted on craigslist to find someone that can do it but I think we might be waiting till we can rent an RV and meet whomever up there. It was just too hard this last time keeping the kids in the car buckled in their seats.

We drove around a bit up into Lake Butler. There wasn't much out there though. Perhaps if we go up in an RV we can take a more extensive drive. The GPS defiantly helped us not to get lost! We couldn't find the land on the GPS since we don't have an address yet and Rob couldn't get the file with the lat. and long. to open before we left, but after we got there we pin pointed ourselves.

Not much accomplished but the photo above just strengthened out desire to get out there as soon as we can!

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  1. The GPS is pretty funny. The voice is kinda snotty though.