Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Actual progress...I hope

Next month we'll actually get some progress done on our five acres. Income Tax time has come and while most get a little nauesous over it, we get a little giddy. One of the perks for having 5 kids is a nice sized credit, add to that Rob's untaxable income from being in Iraq and we've got a nice little nest egg for the land.

We'll be setting up a hotel room for late February. The first day we'll meet with someone to clear the land with a tractor and bush hog. The next we'll have an eight by twenty shipping container delivered. We already have a few things to put in it for later. We've decided to go with a wood frame house, using recycled materials throughout, and using the shipping container for one side of a pole barn.

It's not a lot of progress but it's something! Stay tuned for more information on the land clearing and shipping container delivery.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like an awesome project! My sister just bought a bunch of land and is starting a bit of a wildflower sanctuary. Can't wait to see your progress!