Tuesday, January 25, 2011


One of the new baby goats, Felicity, has scour. I noticed the runny droppings this morning and ran out to get whatever I could find from the feed store. Natural Goat Care calls for a dolomite/copper sulfate drench and not a single feed store of three stocks either.

I got her an electrolyte drench and somehow managed to get about 7cc's into her. Good Lord that's some nasty smelling stuff. They have a new mineral lick placed in their stall and I'm hoping the drench will get her to a point she's interested in food again. I sprinkled some ProBios on their feed to help stimulate the rumen and put out fresh baking soda.

Cross your fingers all goes well. I have a back up B complex bottle and a syringe at the ready while I hunt down the dolomite and copper. I have a feeling that it's a copper deficiency since she was wormed just last week. Now to go look up how to do intramuscular shots on a caprine. YouTube here I come.


  1. Your little doe may have coccidiosis. If she does this is very serious and you need to get her some sulfa asap. Also watch your other doeling for it. Did you call the folks you bought your doelings from? They probably have the meds you need. Good luck

  2. You can take a sample of her stool to the vet and they will look under a microscope for coccidia.

  3. oh yes, please get her to the vet, or at least a stool sample, coccidiosis is devestating -so much better to be safe than sorry.