Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I suppose it's time I start actually contributing something here! I'm pretty excited about getting the plans. It's reassuring to see so many people on the Country Plans forums doing exactly what we are planning to do. I've done some FREE AutoCAD training (thanks to, and I have the basics down. I'm not sure how much value this will have at this point though.

I've made somewhat of an art of finding the best prices on Cheap Chinese Tools at Harbor Freight. You need to know what to buy, and what to avoid. I've gotten some great deals and acquired an arsenal of tools that will be essential for home building. I've bookmarked several threads on such sites as Garage Journal and HF Reviews. We will definitely need a table saw, a framing nailer (luckily I have a gas powered air compressor already), another circular saw, etc.

We got some cheap pallets to play with. The idea is that we get some for free, plane them (need that planer!), and use them for flooring. With a router table, I can probably even make them tongue-and-groove. Sounds crazy? People do it! More to follow...

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