Thursday, February 18, 2010

We have BARN plans!

At you can purchase a variety of barn plans for little money. You can also download them instantly for even less. (Photo above is from Stable Wise website).

This barn houses four 12x12' pens a tack area and wash area and stairs to a hay loft. It measures 36x36' square. The barn is supposed to be for horses but I think it's about perfect for our goats and milk cow. Between the stalls I'll build a U shaped channel on both sides of the wall where they're normally divided into 2 pens. Here I'll be able to slide in 1x8x12 boards to create a chest high wall that will be removable. This way I can let the goats all live together and sanction off a section as needed for kidding, illness or bucks. The tack and wash areas are also convertable to pens. Since I don't really need tack for them I might make the part with stairs to the hay loft both the tack and wash leaving the other 12x12 side available for more livestock. The beauty of the plan is it the modularity (that's a word, right?)

I've emailed a guy that has some 25 and 30 foot long telephone poles (this is a pole barn btw) for sale and he delivers. I'm waiting for a quote.

I want to submit these plans with the house so we can work on what we want as materials, time and money permit. Having the large barn available for building materials and shaded workspace might be a bonus to have in the sweltering Florida sun. Plumbing will come in the form of rain barrels which will also be used for watering the animals. Positioning them on the North facing wall will provide shelter from the sun, keeping them cool. This will also eliminate the need for plumbing permits, inspections and additional costs to build. I'm also thinking solar for the lighting as I'd only need it when I went in to see them.

This barn is where the pallets will come heavily into play. If we can figure out how to pull of the boards without cracking them (we've been having a problem with that) I'd like to use them for siding the barn. A coat of paint and no one would know the difference. Light colored or tin roofing will help deflect heat. We'll build the barn doors ourselves with scraps unless we can get a good deal on them or find them used. Up there is Ag country and a plethora more resources than we have in the city. At least I hope so.
Right now we're finalizing the house floor plan. I'll be making calls this week to find out about permit prices. We have a lead on a bus which might pan out to our benefit. Not exactly what we're looking for but in our price range. Stay tuned, much more to come!


  1. Looks like a cool barn! Can't wait to see the progress. I didn't know Florida had any barns...or will yours be the first? :)

  2. Oh we've got barns in FL! Not as many as other places but we've got some ;)

    There are a lot of dairy farms here, Land O' Lakes butter comes from up the street. Probably not many self-sufficient farm barns but that's okay.

    The plans are great since we'll be doing a dirt floor and using the plans as is so no architectual changes there.

  3. There's a fair amount of dairies here, and of course citrus and strawberries.