Friday, March 5, 2010

The Obsessions Spreading

I've been working on the floorplan for the new house...a lot. Alex -whose 7- has been asking me if he can play in Visio and make his own house plans. Since I can't fing the program and the only one is on my pc I've been putting the poor kid off. So he took matters into his own hands.

I think we've got something here. Though he does seem to have a few too many hallways. We'll have to teach him about small footprints and utilizing space next.

As soon as I have our plan cemented a little more I'll post screen shots of it. We're basically going with the plan for the 20x34' Universal as is with a few modifications, we're dropping the bathrooms down to 1 large one and creating a regular staircase to the attic which will help us utilize that space for either storage or later refinish for additional rooms when the kids become teens. A few other smaller modifications and that's the new house.

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  1. I can install Visio for him. I bet he'd be a whiz at it.