Saturday, March 6, 2010

Farm Name

We've been searching for a name for our Farm. We've been told that when the right name comes we'll know it. Problem is I have an idea...he has an idea...and we've not met in the middle yet.

So, here's a task for anyone that stumbles upon this blog...Give us a suggestion in the comments. If you read my sister blog Solidity of Rainbows it might give you an idea as to what we're all about. I'm leaning away from anything cutsie or silly, though I do get laugh over some of the creativity out there.

If you don't read that blog here's a recap of what we're up to.

We want goats, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, wool rabbits, dogs, cats and a milk cow at least. We love music, we eat meat, we have 5 kids, we homeschool. We want to be self-sustained as far as we can go. We're trying to build our house debt free with our own sweat and muscle. We're Unitarian Universalists. I love crafting with just about any medium. Rob loves technology, wants to learn to weld and likes working on our cars. We love books.

I can't think of anything else to sum us up more than that without rolling out another blog post. So there you have it, have us. I'll be waiting for suggestions with baited breath.


  1. I'm terrible at names/titles. All I can offer is the name(s) of my grandparent's farm. When they started, it was a very sad, run-down farm. They named it Achin' Acres. Years later it became a prosperous Christmas tree farm and they renamed it Pinetree Lane. The Christmas tree part has been retired for a decade now, but it's still a productive berry farm (strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blueberries, asparagus, popcorn, etc.) No animals though.

    Maybe you could name it for a feature of the land itself...?

  2. How about a name that speaks to your location? Is there a standout feature of the land itself? How about the street or road or area? Are there certain kinds of wildlife that call it home? That's where I'd go for inspiration...

  3. Well, we're in Florida so there's not a whole lot here. Flat land, pine trees and aligators :)

    I liked Farm Song since my desire to become a farmer stems from something I feel inside me. Like a song I can't hear quite yet but that beats to the rhythm of my heart.

    But it's not a unanimous decision...

  4. Why not something that speaks of the inner song thing. Like Heartsong Farm. Let your inner voice speak to you. Ours is called Hidden Creek Farm. We are going to retire on it.