Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New ideas

We have had zero luck trying to find something to camp in for our stays  up on the land. With our lack of luck in that department we'd better get a surplus somewhere else. But until then we've thought up a new idea that just might work.

Our county doesn't require permits for ANY premade (meaning delivered fully assembled) structure. No plans to submit, no permit fees, no inspections. Even if later on we want to add electric, water and septic to it we just have to go through those departments. Where they have a no-permit limit on structures we build ourselves, the largest being 8'x10', these are good to go. Hmmmm... The largest prebuilt shed we can get is 12' by 32' with a loft.

It is completely discouraging to look for mobile home structures like RV's, 5th wheels, campers, small mobile homes. People just want too much for things that are almost as old as I am, and needs repairs, refinishing or some sort of work. They are averaging three to six thousand -for the ones we could afford. Even for a twenty year old bus the price is up in that range. We have limited funds so forking out that many grands and still needing to pour more money into it is frustrating to say the least.

Again, the sheds might be an option. They have free delivery, no to little deposit and low monthly payments with no bank financing. Even the largest unit's monthly payment is reasonable. Not having to shell out so much initially makes fixing up a shed to be livable easier. In three years (assuming we don't pay it off early, or pay extra monthly) it would be ours. Plus working on the shed is good practice for building a house. 12'x32' is a good size for a studio for me or a school house or converting to a small barn or even just using it for a shed. We have to have somewhere to stay after our three hour drive up, hotel stays can add up fast and we have a dog now too that we'd either have to kennel or get a pet sitter.

Speaking of pet sitters, we've been toying with the notion of finally getting chicks. I'm just about desperate for them and have to really stop myself from picking them up (and bringing them home) when I visit the feed store. I see the possibilty with them, the materialization of our dream and hope that we can do this. That we are doing it. Leaving them to go up to the land to build is something that we have to recognize and find a solution to.

But then again, we're nothing if not solution finders.

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