Sunday, April 18, 2010

Multiplying like, well...Rabbits.

Today, I went and picked up two more Angora kits from the same lady that has so wonderfully helped us add Duncan and Leeloo to our family. Initially, I was only going to get the doe...but hot damn those are cute bunnies. I just couldn't resist picking up a papered REW buck sibling to add to my collection.

The nameless buck is on the left, the pointed doe on the right.

So, this is the start of it. Duncan was the first of our Angora Rabbitry. He's been such a great starter bunny but, lets be honest, you can't run a fiber/breeding business with just one buck.

While we won't be able to breed the siblings, Duncan can have a go at Flora in a few months and see what happens. I believe we'll be able to use nameless buck in 2 generations of that line but he won't really be ready to breed for a year or so anyway and who knows where we'll be or how many rabbits we'll have by then.

They're the cutiest things I've ever seen I think (besides baby chickens and baby goats, well all baby farm animals kinda rank the same on my cute scale).

I will probably start building an actual website for these guys in a month or so. Our Etsy store will be for their wool and any spun yarn I can manage to make. The website would be for kit sales once we decide to do that. For now, I'm enjoying watching them explore the kitchen, hopping and running around and of course pooping everywhere.


  1. OMG! They look like slippers!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, they are so adorable!

  3. Unfortunately, last Saturday Flora passed away. She had internal blockage very severly and there wasn't anything to be done but put her down. The boys, Duncan and Conner, are doing well.

  4. rabbits need an unlimited, constant supply of hay, preferably timothy. just pellets or greens won't give them the fiber they need. hay gives them the fiber they need to keep their delicate digestive systems moving, just for future reference. those bunnies are the cutest!