Thursday, April 29, 2010

Photos of our land

These are of the forest area and the pond/stream which take up close to two acres of the 5.3 we own.
We got the land discounted because of these features.
It's amazing what some will see as defects, we see as wonderful.


  1. Beautiful forest. Most of our 10 acres is leased and farmed. We have a nice tree line and pasture area with a creek. I wish we had more trees.....those I will be planting. Have you slept in the shabin yet? I'm making some hammocks for summer sleeping in the shed! Here's a link to simple instructions if you're interested.

  2. crystal- i was just on coldantler and saw your comment about your bunn and thought i would take a chance in contacting you,

    it sounds like your bun had GI Stasis. it is a blockage of the intestinal tract and can kill quickly (24 hours give or take ) if not treated. i have LOTS of experience with this, but have yet to loose a bunny from it.

    just quickly, it has nothing to do with whether you let them out or not; actually, the more excorsise they get the better it is. one quick trick, give them a cut up orange to eat every every few days!

    i could go on with more about this but it might not be the place, you can email me at if you would like to know more about it or google GI Stasis

    good luck

  3. Dayle - We've picked up some air matresses for the kids. The hammocks are a neat idea! Rob's aunt is giving us a futon to use for a couch/our bed and Max is still in a crib. We had planned to go up a few weeks ago but Rob had car trouble and we had to concentrate time and money on that. We'll probably be going up in 3 weeks and staying over! So exciting!

    Kandy -you have mail!