Friday, April 16, 2010

Our (nonexisitent) Etsy Store

I have an account online for our Etsy store to correspond to our Farm. It's called HeartSong Farms (the one without a plural was already taken). Once we get our stuff going we'll be selling handmade goods from our homestead. Here's a label I've designed for clothing and quilts

Does the background look familiar? It should, it's our land! I'm convo'ing a label maker to see if this is infact a workable model for the sew-in cloth labels. I have another less fancy one that would be a folding tag with just the basics, no pictures. What do you think? Too busy? Too much info? Esty store name instead of blog?

Our dream of farm ownership isn't just a weekend project. Its goal is to become a working (read: profitable) endeavor. There won't be an animal, project or whim that isn't going to be producing or giving back to us in some way. Already, I'm working on a few things to start us off; spinning angora fur and quilt making. I'll also sell raw and finished supplies and other crafty items.

I got an email from our bunny breeder. She's got a full English pointed white doe available. I'm excited! While the FE tend to matt quicker it's still good quality wool and it would give me a doe to breed if I so choose. Duncan's wool is softer than silk and shines like silver in the light. I want to breed him before he gets too old.

Anyway, just a little update. Our Etsy store is up but there isn't any wares up yet. Any comments or suggestions on our labels would be helpful!

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