Sunday, August 1, 2010

And Change Again.

Across the street.

Our trips this weekend didn't happen because my car flex plate needed repairing, our AC broke Friday night (again) which both add up to we're just too broke to make the trip and get anything accomplished. Also, after looking into the solution of paint-on vapor barrier, that option isn't going to happen. One of the only places to find it is Amazon and it's close to $100 a gallon. Yikes. We've decided to go with either a plastic vapor barrier or just the insulation which we've read is sufficient enough on one of these buildings.

We're pricing out our insulation and drywall now. We need to build stairs to the loft and run the electric lines before we dry wall it all in. The electric is a good option considering we'll be running the shed and multiple power tools at the same time once building commences. The $450 price tag isn't too steep but will wait. Running the electric after drywall isn't a very smart idea hence getting that done before hand. We're trying to work smarter not harder.

Last time we were up the 100 or so acres across the street had been virtually cleared away. The photo at the top shows just the sparse barrier of trees that line the road side. We could see lots of construction equipment but no signs saying what's going on over there. Did the owner just sell off the timber? Are they clearning it for homes?

The sad part is the deer that we've seen skitter across the street from our property to this now cleared one, will not have a sanctuary so close to our home. Our woods isn't big enough to support a Cervadae family. Looking on the bright side of things, if the land was cleared for timber, it has the possibility to grow back. If it is cleared for homes, there's a possibility of new families moving to the area which for a farming business that will sell fresh eggs, meat and produce, having a community of potential customers near might be beneficial. I can't see a cookie cutter development getting set up that far out, though I know anything is possible.

We're still planning to go up soon but not making any plans right now as they seem to change and change again.

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