Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If the heat doesn't kill us

the spiders might.

Anyone know if we need to be afraid? Other than the fact these guys are about the size of my palm and breeding, of course.


  1. We've been having tons of freaky spiders around here too (not as big as those though). I remember some mighty big spiders when we lived in Central Florida. *shudder*

    The one thing I know about spiders...if you drive out the spiders, you may regret what moves in. In California we had a lot of big, nasty, ugly spiders, so my mom sprayed the perimeter of our apartment to keep them from coming inside so much. The next year we didn't have any of them! But then I discovered that black widows (lots of black widows) had moved into the area. I'm convinced it's because the other spiders had been eradicated.

    That's my two cents.

  2. oh, I plan to let live what's already there. I just want to know how serious I should take things if we get bit.

    Do you see the egg sack on that second spider?!? Emmy pointed that one out in the meadow after it was mowed. I feel a little badly mowing it and disturbing all the life that has made it a home but I need a niche too

  3. The top pic is a writing spider, they are non-venomous and not aggressive at all. The bottom pic looks like a wolf spider... and those are not something you want biting you... not lethal but definitely requiring first aid for a bite.

  4. I'm glad I live where winter kills off things like that, so they have to start over in the spring.....SMALL!!!! I really don't like things with more than 4 legs. eeeeeewwww!

  5. Thanks Maggie! I have another photo (there were about 4 good palm sized ones in webs we saw on our short walk) and it looks like it made a zig zag stitch down the front of the web. Totally cool! The brown one I'd steer clear of just because it's a mama but good to know on the bites!

    Dayle- sometimes I wish we had something other than heat to kill off the undesireable critters but like Sprouting Flowers said- I'm sure something worse would move in.