Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's all in the wording.

It's not a shed, it's a cabin.

It's not a bucket toilet, it's a eco-friendly composting commode.

It's not 57 square feet per person, it's reducing our carbon footprint.

It's not run off, it's low impact water accumulation.

Over the course of this past week I've gotten a lot of good advice about how we spin our non-conformist ideas to the consumer friendly masses. I've been worried, down-right nauseated, that someone will get "good intention" and make a stink over our new living arrangements causing us trouble with the state or government regarding the kids.

I've had an overwhelming desire to shut up. Seal my lips. Not eep out a word about our exciting and life altering plans. Even on the "anonymous" internet. So, I've been thinking of turning this blog private. I want to share with others that are looking down the same long road we have stepped down but I also have to be careful and keep my family safe.

Ideas, recommendations or just general comments are always welcomed though politely phrased message are better received.


  1. EEEP!
    NO! You can't go private. There are too many people out there that care - I'm sure that the altered lingo will help you with attitudes.
    Your children are well loved, well fed, well cared for. You have electricity and fresh water. Since when did it become illegal to live on and by the land? Hang in there. You WILL make this and it IS right!

  2. I enjoy your blog. It is encouragement for me to make steps toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

  3. Well you can post to followers only, I think - you could give us all a few weeks notice to 'follow' you, and then you'd at least know who was listening?
    I know how you feel, we have one or two round us intent on making trouble, how I wish I could be sure they weren't reading my blog - but on the other hand, you have lots of friends out there.

  4. I understand your concerns, but I enjoy reading about your journey.

  5. I think worrying about meddelsome people is perfectly valid. You saw what happened to Jenna with her rented farm, but then look where it landed her. Keep in mind that the government can't just come snatch your kids. They have to make a visit and prove that they're not living in unsafe conditions. Even if the cabin is small, if it's warm and safe that's all that matters. I'd definitely keep in mind your PR pitches for your lifestyle just because people can be narrow minded but keeping your kids happy, healthy, and safe is all you can do. Not talking about it here won't help with the people who you encounter in daily life who are also the ones most likely to think they should interfere.