Friday, October 22, 2010

My new logo, what do you think?

Thanks everyone for the wonderful words of encouragement from my last post. With the move coming up so soon and little work being done thus far, I'm just a little tense and strung out emotionally. I will be breeding our Angora Rabbits for the first time in November and have a plethora of fur I need to process for sale. One of the reasons we got into the rabbit business was to well, generate business and since we started with our first buck in January this year we haven't done a single thing but love them up.

They're not pets, they're livestock. They need to start earning their keep around here.

I made up a logo for our farm based on the fact we will be a fiber production farm. I added in the sheep even though we're not getting them until later next year. Presumtuious? What do you think? We do currently have wool we will be processing to sell, it just isn't our wool.

What do you think of the logo? I wanted something that stood out but was simple and could be printed inexpensively. I think it portrays the essence of what we'll be farming. If you have a better idea or suggestions for the logo please let me know! I'm not that good with graphic arts.


  1. The logo is cute! I love the simplicity and expressiveness of it! Could you change the bunny tail to be more knobbly? I didn't realize it was a bunny at first and thought it was a baby sheep in the bigger sheep. A more cottony tail would definitely fix that!

  2. I think it looks great! You're a very creative person - maybe you could offer a small business of farm logo designs?

  3. I like it! If you can afford 2-color printing I think making the heart red so it really pops and catches the eye would be a good idea. I don't think that the sheep is presumptious. The best motivator for getting something done is to tell everyone you know that you're planning on doing it so then you have some accountability.

    Self-promotion is the most important factor for success in all small businesses so make sure that you put your logo on everything. You can also print business cards to use as tags for your items which customers can then also give to other people. You logo and contact information should be on everything you sell and you should always have business cards on hand to give to people. There are a ton of grass-roots advertising opportunities out there such as Facebook pages and other social networks (I see your Ravelry page over there).

    I know you're overwhelmed with the move but once everything is settled I'd also suggest writing up a real business plan. Your local library will have books (and possibly free software) to help you do this. Even if you're not serious about making the business your primary income, it's a good exercise that will help you be more successful. I'm not sure if you're intending to run as a sole-proprietorship but you should also consider forming a limited liability corporation if business starts picking up. Being an LLC comes with more paperwork and you have to file your taxes quarterly, but it affords you a lot more protection should anything happen to the business itself.

    Good luck with everything you've got coming up. I know these things can have a "hurry up and wait" feel about them but things will get done because they have to get done.