Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Broke 100

Our three laying birds have been hard at work. In two months they've communitively laid over 100 eggs.

One of One Hundred.

When I first started with four little day old chicks impulsively bought from the feed store, I never realized the road I'd be travelling down. Four seemed like a huge number of birds. We had just about doubled our farm animals with them at the time. They're amazing little things able to forage nearly exclusively for their food and then deposit payment for our letting them in the form of beautiful little eggs.

Hard at work.

The three girls left from the original flock of four are the only egg contributors at this time. Imagine that, 3 birds, 8 weeks and 100 eggs. Considering they're also only 7 months old, its pretty impressive. We've also had the opportunity to share our eggs with others. It makes me proud to hear back how delicious they are. We have five more Amerucaunas just over two months old that will be joining the laying flock. Add in the eleven 2.5 week old chicks and the three .5 week olds and we'll have a veritable egg farm come fall.

Next Generation.

We're raising some up for sale. I'm sure some of these will end up roosters. We seem to have back luck that way. The feedstore only guarentees 90% pullets from the sexed birds we bought. Either way, we've come a long way from 4 birds in the back yard just seven short months ago.

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  1. Congrats! We love our chickens. We have three from our original flock and five more that we got last year. From experience, they lay the most their first year and then slow down quite a bit after. I am going to add more every year to keep the egg production and take the pressure off the golden girls (what I call the older ones).