Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring hustle

Since December I've been sitting around twiddling my thumbs itching to get started on our first year on a farm. The set backs have only made me more anxious to get going.

Yesterday was a busy day. A very, very busy day.

It was overcast in the morning, the sky was gray and threatening but Tractor Supply had confirmed their order of ducklings and chicks had come in so we went out to the store anyway. I had been calling for two days but they hadn't gotten them yet. I'm glad I went when I did because, out of fifty chicks they ordered, only about a dozen were left when we got there at 11:30.

I picked out four what I believe are Peking ducklings. I grabbed the most energenic and spry of the day old bunch.

We came home, set the ducklings up in the rabbit house in the bathroom and moved out the week old chicks to brood with the three weekers already established in the barn. The rabbit's cages are housed in the same stall and I've been eyeing Flora for nest making signs. This would be her week to kindle. I was getting disappointed since it didn't seem like the breeding had taken.

I glanced in the nest box in her cage and saw there was some fur. When I came closer the whole pile of wool moved! Flora gave birth to six healthy, pink baby rabbits while I was out getting the ducks. This is our first litter of Angora Rabbits and I'm so excited. I left mama be after snapping this photo of the babies.

And here is a very hagged looking new mama watching over her babies.

While we were getting all the new babies settled the postman came with a box I completely forgot about. Nine year old heritage raspberry plants were delivered and needed to be planted ASAP. The storm last night made the ground mud which made planting...interesting.

Then it was off to the farmer's market the next town over. It only happens once a week and we were in need of some fresh food.

While we were down that way I stopped into a different feedstore looking for higher protein game feed for the ducks. Tractor Supply only had a 15% mix for general poultry purposes. We're picking up poults today that can use up to 29% so I wanted to make a mix of both varieties for them. They were out of higher protein feed but they did have goslings!

I've always wanted a mating pair of Toulouse geese. They're mild mannered and are great flock protectors. Since the dog attack I've been even more interested in getting them. Plus they lay huge wonderful eggs.

They're brooding in the bathroom with the ducks. Apparently, they will follow ducks around as their leaders. They are also good weeder geese to help in the garden. They couldn't sex them and I couldn't even find a vent hole to try (it's there somewhere) so I just picked two of the best behaving ones. Cross your fingers we have at least one female.

After they were settled I went out and planted 6 Amish Paste tomato plants, 24 zucchini, 6 crookneck squash and 12 pepper plants. The garden has a way to go but it's getting there.

I hope today isn't quite as full.


  1. Oh! The goslings are simply too cute! How wonderful to have baby bunnies too! It's been hovering just above freezing here for the past week, but today it finally warmed up enough to be "human" as Hubby says. I envy you living where it's already warm enough to plant things!

  2. Congrats on all the new babies, especially the bunnies!