Wednesday, March 30, 2011

End of the March Recap

This month hasn't been terribly productive. While we have gotten new livestock in the form of 4 rabbits, 4 ducks, 2 geese, 6 turkeys and 3 barred rock chicks we haven't really done anything. I'm adding in some photos of how the garden looks now, at the end of the month so I don't have to do a separate post. I know, I'm totally lazy.

 Right now we're in a waiting phase. Waiting for the animals to grow, seeds to sprout, plants to start producing, Christmas birds to start laying. This week is wet (yeah! the first in over 2 weeks!) so even watering is on hold. Today the rain came down in buckets. I felt a pang that we didn't have the rain barrels set up.

What we have done

-butchered and froze 2 of our meat birds (by our little ol' selves)
- planted, planted, planted
- finished the garden fence
-set up irrigation
-planted most of the Big Field with corn, amaranth, quinoa and sunflower (that hasn't sprouted after three weeks but we got to use the new seeder)
-planted more stuff
-sold a couple dozen eggs
-build a dog house and brooder for the larger baby poultry out of pallets
-canned pears
-cleaned rabbit cages
-sheared a rabbit

Really, nothing much happened.


  1. I'm thinking about building a dog house kind of shelter for my small group of muscovies. Would you mind posting a pic of what your's looks like? I have access to free pallets too! Thanks!

  2. lol :) That reminds me of a Kipper episode. "Nothing ever really *happens*, Tiger. Nothing really *happens*, does it?"