Thursday, September 16, 2010

in the details

In my exhuberance yesterday to announce Rob's acceptance of a new job offer I suppose I was a little vague in the details. The new job is up near our land which is currently about three hours one way from where we are now.

We're hurrying to get the electric service started but the steps to get it done just flat out take time to accomplish. We're pretty sure it won't be up by the October 11th new job start date. So, we're scrambling to figure out where Rob will stay, when we'll join him and how quickly we can get the shabin done to at least give him a place to eat, plug in an alarm clock, sleep and shower. Being late, starving and body odor might be a deal breaker on the new job.

Right now we're also a one car family. Rob's Trooper died a few months back and his mom and step-dad have been godsends lending us their spare vehicle but car repairs are taking a back seat to living arrangements. The cost of the fix is much more than a cheap A-to-B car so we're looking around for something he can drive back and forth to work while he stays up there. We have a few more weeks we can borrow and then we're back to one again.

We haven't decided when exactly we're going to join him. The shabin completion is tantamount to moving. I have to have stairs to the loft, I can't just chuck a three-year-old up there to sleep. I have to have some semblance of a toilet for midnight potty runs. We're working on it, but again it takes time. That damn clock is frustrating to no end.

I'm digging through everything we own as I plan the biggest yardsale of our lives. Our weekends are filling up quickly between now and the 11th. We're working on getting it done. The next few months are going to be some of the busiest, hardest, tension-filled and agonizingly powerless months of our lives. So, if I'm grouchy, absent, vague or unavailable I apologize in advance.

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