Sunday, September 12, 2010

Three weeks

We've had our girls for three weeks now. They were probably about 1-2 weeks when we got them. They've morphed from cute fuzzy chicks to ugly ducks. It's amazing to have the kids get a first hand look at the growth cycle of a chicken.

They're gawky and loud. They make a mess and smell terrible in their small rabbit cage in the laundry room. The chicken tractor is currently being built, hopefully by weeks end they'll be outside where they can enjoy the large selection of bugs Florida has. They sure do love the worms I dig up from under the rabbit hutches. The kids were grossed out the first time one ate a bug. But now they understand that will make good eggs so they cheer on the insect eating with more gusto than I ever imagined possible.

They all have names now. The white is Lemonade, or Lem for short. The dark black and white is Cocoa. The medium brown is Jenna and the light brown is Cari, short for Caramel. I have no idea why the majority have food names. Perhaps, it's something subliminal, though these girls won't go to freezer camp unless they have issues.

We're switching them to a whole grain diet as soon as I gather up everything I need. It's more expensive than traditional bagged feed but I like that I could eat their food. That seems right considering I'll be eating their eggs. There is also the added benefit of no feed waste.

We're constructing a simple A-frame movable tractor which will be plenty for the four we have now. Though if we want to expand we'll have to build a real coop. I'd like to make one with roational grazing pens. Possibly with a broiler side and a layer side but we'll see what happens.

The timing of these birds wasn't ideal but I can't imagine not having them. I wonder what another three weeks will bring.


  1. I'm so have chickens!!!! I can't wait to have chickens!
    How did the job interview go?????

  2. They're a lot of fun. And definately have distinct personalities.

    He said it went well but we haven't heard back from them yet. Hopefully, though...