Monday, September 13, 2010

Living with Sheep

I got this book for my birthday. It came in the mail today and I'm already fifty pages into it. It's a great book for the very, very beginner shepherd.

Now, ask me why I need a book on sheep.   :)


  1. Sheep! I've always wanted a sheep. Yep, just one. I have this picture in the back of my mind (now, mind you, I've never told this to anyone before) of my dream house with a white picket fence and a sheep on the lawn to "mow" the grass. Haha!

    I'll buy wool from you some day when you have your sheep. :-)

  2. Must have heard about your new flock. Whoot! Congrats.

  3. I have the same book! Jeff wants sheep on the farm and I want chickens!!! I want a pony for the grandkids, too.....but he says no...."If you can't eat it, you can't have it!" (Run, dogs, RUN!) I'm threatening him with an Emu!!!!
    When does the first ewe arrive?????

  4. October I am going up to a farm near our land for a working playdate. If everything works out this is where I'll get my flock. They're Gulf Coast sheep. Still deciding what genders I want to get in what quantities.

    She'll be breeding them for a spring lambing, they shoudl be ready July/August to come home after weaning.

    We wanted goats but have been reading about how difficult they can be to keep and since we're not going to eat them, the only thing they'd give us is milk. Which is okay but these sheep will give us three-fold. Meat, wool and milk.

    They are also an endangered species with approx 2k on the planet. Helping to ensure the breed is something that speaks to me. They are also conditioned for our climate.

    I'm now into page 80 and it's a beautifully photographed book with explainations of terms in layman speak. I am feeling more confident the more I read it. There is also portions on breeding, lambing, butchering and shearing. Anything you really could imagine for sheep. Plus the index lists additional resources in depth.

    Dayle, a pony can be a great work horse, plowing fields, cart rides around the property to deliver hay etc. You could make brushes from the hair even.