Thursday, September 2, 2010

A slow dance

Today is an busy day for us. Though I don't get to actually go do any of the exciting things that are happening the emotions are still running rampant through me regardless.

Rob woke up earlier than early and headed north before I was even awake. Directions and cash in hand he headed up to the Building Department to get our electric permit for the land. At ten thirty I got the call that it went off without a hitch. We now have permission to get electric set up for the shabin!

It's still a slow dance to completion. Still so many steps to figure out and finally take. Next we have to take this permit to the electric company. They'll schedule a technician to place a marker on our property where the smaller electric pole needs to be set. Once the pole is set up the building department comes and inspects it and we get the go ahead to have the electric company run power to the pole. We run our electric off that ourselves, attaching it to the breaker box on the outside of the shabin.

While we wait for all this we have to run the electric in the shabin walls, insulate and panel or drywall. It's still a long process but it's getting completed one small step at a time.

The other exciting new is that Rob is up there to be interviewed for a job about forty-five minutes from the land. This is one of the major road blocks keeping us where we are. He has a stable job with good pay and benefits but its just too far from where we want to be. This is the second interview after an over the phone one last week. We're hoping it turns out well.


  1. I'm glad things are moving in your direction!

  2. Good luck on the job interview!