Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Recap

January was quite the month. My first full one-twelfth of the calendar that was 100% farm life. Here's a little recap.

-I built a chicken coop
-The baby goats went back and came home again
-The garden was tilled by draft horses
-I milked a goat
-Ate our first duck eggs
-Tried goat milk for the first time
-Supported our neighbor's farms at the Farmer's market
-A goat had scour and I got her through it
-Made a compost pile
- Helped worm goats and got a hoof trimming lesson
-Moved more stuff from the city
-Started getting our first eggs from our chickens
-Butchered a rooster
-Leeloo started a new dog training program
-I helped process a newborn lamb
-Built a cold frame
-Ate the first chicken we raised and butchered
-The kids and I visted a few neighbor farms
-Seeded the pasture for the goats

And it's only the beginning.


  1. I am completely amazed by all that you have accomplished!

  2. Your month sounds a bit like ours. Only without goats and ducks. lol.

    What do you think of the duck eggs? Do you have your ducks in coops at night? With nesting boxes? What kind do you have?

    Yep, we might have to butcher our skinny mean rooster too.