Monday, February 7, 2011

No goats.

I just talked to a neighbor that informed me the homeowners association voted against goats. We have to find new homes for Felicity and Buttercup ASAP. If you know anyone in the Gainesville, FL area that would like two beautiful little goats please send them my way.

I'm going to go be sick now.


  1. Oh no, that's terrible!!! Who are these fiends, and what do they have against a couple of sweet goats?

  2. Uh oh.......if you are in an area with a homeowners association, you may not be able to have anything! That stinks!

  3. well, there are many "deed restricted" communities (actually the 5 acres we own the next county over that was our initial project is deed restricted too) in our area, and when we agreed to rent we did ask the owner if the things we wanted to do were acceptable per the deed and she assured us it was.

    Apparently, she neglected to attend the HOA meetings and this is where it had been decided awhile ago. Three people that lived here had to get rid of their goats. The woman I spoke with passively threatened getting a lawyer over breaking the rules.

    We're worried now that living in a deed restricted area (even if it currently doesn't have these same restrictions) won't become a problem in the future if the other residents group together.

  4. Hmmm, well at least you are renting and didn't buy. We live on the very outskirts of our little town. We live on the East side of the street which is out of city limits, and the west side is in city limits. Even if the town (1800 people) decided to incorporate us into city limits, they can't do anything about our livestock because we are "grandfathered in", meaning since we have the livestock before they decided anything, there is nothing they can do. I doubt very much our little town would ever decide to do that but you never know. If those folks had goats BEFORE the HOA decided against them, I'll bet they could keep them if they wanted to fight it......not sure how things work down there though.

    Are you saying the land you do own, but aren't currently living on is deed restricted as well?

  5. I would be looking for land in the area that's in the unincorporated sections - that way there won't be an HOA or any deed restrictions. We were just up there yesterday looking, Crystal - in the Lake City area and there were areas that were totally farmable with no rules.

  6. High Springs is bad, according to the real estate agent, because it has a no livestock rule within the city limits. We looked at 1 place with deed restrictions in Fort White, but it was too expensive anyway and since there were deed restrictions we got out of there quick.