Thursday, February 10, 2011

digging out.

So far, all this week I've accomplished is feeling depressed and searching for things on the internet that might help. Regardless to say, this hasn't been a productive week. I'm happy to just get myself dressed in the morning and feed the kids three squar-ish times a day. We haven't made any decisions about very much of anything. The waiting and not knowing is killing me. I'm a Virgo. I like to have a plan.

Cold frame built from the left over chicken coop roof.

I'm trying to focus on the things we can do. The baby rabbits that should come in a month. A cow is back on the idea board. The wet weather has made it impossible for the draft horse team to come back to plow. My skin is itching to get seeds in the ground. Patience is not my virtue.

Inside the cold frame.

I messed up earlier this week and left the plastic box with all my seeds in it outside overnight and it rained. I woke up to 1/4" of water lining the bottom of the box and seed packets so drenched they disintegrated when I tried to carefully peel them apart. It rained for nearly 15 hours straight. Heavy, fat drops more like a high-pressure bathroom shower than a rain storm. I saved as much as I could, which frankly wasn't very much at all. So perhaps not having the garden ready doesn't really matter as now I have to replace over 150 seed packets before I can even start.

All gone. Sorry, Jessica who gifted me with the "Mystery" seeds and a few others.

The baby goats have a new home we'll be taking them to tomorrow, now to break it to the kids. Today was Farmer's Market day but the roads are flooded out with yet another rain storm.  I'm getting a little tired of all this percipitation when I have very little need of it right now. So, back to forcing myself to be happy in the moment, be grateful for what I have, thankful for what problems I don't.

Hey, maybe we'll get a rainbow later. Who knows?

Things I do have.

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  1. I really understand your issues with the precipitation this year.... we get it too only its snow... we have shoveled countless times and Ive even been snowed in at work 3 times this year it really puts a stop in your plans (which I do a lot of since I am a virgo too it drives my husband crazy). Cheer up spring is just around the corner (thats what I keep telling myself but I live in maine so its a good 8 weeks away lol)