Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Sheep.

Yep, no sheep are allowed either.

I feel like I'm in Bizzar-o country.


  1. Seriously, why are these people allowed to have a say over your farm? It's BS to me that a homeowners assoc has say over what happens on a 5 acre ranch not in a neighborhood. How does that even work? Could you file an appeal or complaint with the Florida HUD?

  2. This is a deed restricted area and they have amended the rules to regulate the animals allowed. Apparently the lady we're renting from was unaware of the changed rules and assured us before we signed the lease that these were acceptable. If we had known before hand it would have significantly swayed our decision to rent here.

    If we can get 30 neighbors to say it's okay we can have the rules changed but most of the properties here are undeveloped and the owners are investors that don't really care.

    Right down the street none of these restrictions are there, it's all dependant on the people that live in this particular development. Unfortunately (like in my Rural Decay post) much undeveloped or farmland in Florida is being converted to country estates where people want to live in the country but not have the country live by them.